What is Sports Bones?

Sports BonesTM is a distinctive and unyielding American lifestyle brand that celebrates and defends American freedom, liberty, faith in God, and sport in American culture.

We are not on the edge, WE ARE THE EDGETM

Our Mission:

To revere American freedom, liberty, faith in our Creator, and sport in American culture.  To shield each of these from political and cultural forces which seek to diminish or abolish their existence in the American lifestyle.  To celebrate the tenacity, hard work, dedication, and perseverance that makes ordinary Americans unique and unique Americans elite.

Our Products:

We are committed to providing premium quality apparel products with wicked art designs that parallel our mission and everyday core values.  We will be your favorite shirt for comfort, fit, durability, longevity, and ideology.

The Sports Bones Trademark:

sb_512_512The Sports Bones Inc. trademark provides a unique identity for our company and mission.  The attack position of the snake’s jaw and fangs illustrates our intent to defend America against dogma which obstructs American liberty as designed by our founding fathers.  The letters “S” and “B” stand for Sports Bones and are featured in a slightly customized Old English font.  Inside the “B” you find a cross which represents our company’s faith in God.